Hogan’s Angle
The name for Ben Hogan’s secret of 60 years.
Mr. Haslem’s thesis, Hogan’s Angle, was made public in 2008, at hogansangle.com and given away freely for a time.
Hogan’s Angle ©️2006 Keern Haslem
Mr. Haslem deciphered the secret from Five Lessons; The Modern Fundamentals of Golf for Dr. Alan Smith. Dr. Smith faxed him a copy March 1st, 2011. Mr. Haslem shared the image to secretinthedirt.com, immediately thereafter. It was viewed 6,000+ times in the first week. Downloads have circulated ever since.
An increasing number of golfers and instructors have realized the benefits of Hogan’s Angle. Better replicas of Mr. Hogan’s swing have come into existence since Mr. Haslem shared Hogan’s Angle than ever. Make sure your instructor is teaching Hogan’s Angle.
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