$20 lesson
The through swing determines much of the distance, on putts.
The first distance to get good at, on any given day, is 20 feet. Your vision is tested at 20 feet, and the middle length putt is 20 feet. Warm up for a round from this length. Making one feels like $20.
For shorter distances (10 feet), a shorter through swing is optimal.
Envision putting down the seam, to get the direction.
Longer putts (lags) are worth more bucks. As putts get longer, the ball should move ahead of the bottom of the swing.
A toe-shafted putter is depicted. Mr. Haslem strongly believes that the same principles which apply to Hogan’s Angle benefit from a toe shafted putter.
Unlike other shots in golf, putts are meant to hug the ground. A putter shafted at the heel promotes lift. A toe shafted putter also allows for the use of the standard golf grip. The same grip we trust for prodigious drives.
As the shaft passes the face the ball is given over spin. This is almost impossible to do with other putters.
Use these lessons to pay yourself. Golf isn’t just about the score. When you hit a good drive think, “that’s a dollar.” Hit a green, it’s “good for $10.” Putts are worth a dollar a foot, unless it takes three. On three-putts, deduct the length of the second putt. Chip or pitch it on, there’s a $5. You be the judge. Are you happy with the shot? Pay yourself.
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