$10 lesson
Iron play involves taking a long, level divot. Symmetry determines the quality of the shot.
Iron shots of different lengths and trajectories require different divots. The full shot, the three quarter and the punch, or half shot, are shown above.
The full shot involves striking the ball at the back and taking a full swing. It is useful out of good lies.
Three quarter shots are advisable from out of the rough or tight lies because the ball must be descended on.
Although three quarter shots will fly shorter than full shots they will roll further. This is helpful when playing into holes where the contour of the green will roll the ball towards the hole.
Half shots, or punches are useful from difficult lies, out of hazards, and into the wind. They also roll twice as far as three quarter shots. Which makes them the best choice into back pins or sloped greens.
An arm swing (limited lower body movement) is a good accompaniment to the half/punch shot.
As with the five dollar shots, the bottom of the swing remains the same. The ball position is changed.
Shown at bottom is the position for playing an iron off the tee. Like the driver, more of a sweeping motion is recommended. The ball will have a tendency to pull, or draw, and will fly further than normal.
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