$36 Lesson
$36 lesson
Hogan’s Angle describes a bottom to the swing. The $36 lesson gets into ball positions for shots for different trajectories and clubs.
We’ll begin with the one dollar bill. Byron Nelson once used the dimensions of a dollar bill to describe the shape of a divot.
$1 shot
The driver doesn’t take a divot, however the club should sweep the ground at about that distance behind the ball.
Although Hogan illustrated (pg. 125) a line for the ball position, in Five Lessons; The Modern Fundamentals of Golf, the shape of each golf club plays differently into the ball. The driver should sweep the ball and wedges should descend into the ball and through.
Driver vs. wedge ball placement
The bottom of the swing is constant, in relation to our feet, because of the relationship of our shoulders and arms. However, setting up to the ball as we move it through our stance, has its downsides.
The hexagon depicts the effect ball placement can have on the alignment of our shoulders.
Once we find the position at the bottom of our swing we should always set up to it. That way our shoulders and spine are consistent.
The $1 lesson is a dollar you “pay” yourself every time you hit a good drive. On the next page, we get into the $5 lesson.